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Taylor Irrigation is an innovative full service irrigation company serving the greater Houston area from Conroe to Galveston. With almost twenty years of experience we are a leader in the industry with a reputation for providing water efficient solutions, well designed systems, excellent service and strong relationships with each and every customer. Quality is not our goal, it's our standard.


Taylor Irrigation Service is dedicated to efficient irrigation through professional designs that are implemented by experienced installers and maintained or repaired by trained technicians. Quality is our standard, not our goal and we will continuously strive to raise the bar to new heights through expert craftsmanship, the finest materials, the character of our employees and our innovative approach. Taylor Irrigation is also dedicated to serving our community, the great state of Texas and the environment with honesty, integrity, consistent and fair business practices that provide value to the customer while maintaining a conscientious eye on water conservation and management.


Call us today.  We can help customers with Irrigation Design & Installations, Lawn Meters, Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance.  Along with Irrigation system and water audits, and backflow preventer repairs. We provide honest and reliable service and top quality always.



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  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Licensed and Insured
  • 2007 "Best Irrigation Company"


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